Love is Honorable, Not Dishonorable

Love is Honorable, Not Dishonorable

In this podcast episode, we dive into the power of honor, a fundamental principle that has the potential to elevate your relationships to extraordinary heights. Discover how honor creates a safe haven for authenticity, celebrates your partner’s true self, and fosters a deep and enduring connection.

Key Points:

  • Practical Definition of Honor: Recognizing another person’s worth, valuing their opinions and feelings, and treating them with dignity.

  • Benefits of Honoring:

    • Creates a safe space for vulnerability and self-expression
    • Reinforces a positive self-identity and empowers individuals to rise to their full potential
  • 10 Practical Ways to Honor Your Partner:

    1. Active Listening: Put away distractions, listen without interrupting, and show genuine interest.

    2. Acknowledge Feelings and Show Empathy: Validate their opinions, emotions, and right to feel their way.

    3. Respect Boundaries: Be mindful of their triggers and avoid pushing them beyond their comfort zone.

    4. Keep Promises: Demonstrate trustworthiness and reliability by fulfilling your commitments.

    5. Speak Kindly: Use words wisely and avoid sarcasm, criticism, or hurtful comments.

    6. Express Gratitude Regularly: Recognize and appreciate their efforts, both big and small.

    7. Support Goals and Aspirations: Encourage their dreams, be their cheerleader, and offer support.

    8. Value Their Time and Commitments: Be considerate of their schedule and obligations.

    9. Maintain Physical Intimacy: Nurture intimacy amidst busy schedules and show affection through gestures and touch.

    10. Forgive Mistakes: Practice true forgiveness, which involves moving forward without holding grudges.


Honoring your partner is not a fleeting gesture; it’s a lifelong commitment that requires love, patience, and care. By incorporating these principles into your daily interactions, you can cultivate a relationship built on mutual respect, deep connection, and enduring love.

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